A Cheatsheet for Buying & Selling Your Home with Less Stress

A Cheatsheet for Buying & Selling Your Home with Less Stress

  • Coburn & Associates
  • 05/9/23

Soft sunshine, silky sand, and some of the most dazzling beaches in California — the gorgeous town of Carlsbad has a reputation for laid-back, coastal charm and balmy weather perfect for soaking up the sun. The real estate market here is particularly exciting, and Carlsbad luxury homes rank as some of the most coveted properties on the coast. If you are interested in getting into the market or even buying and selling a home at the same time, read on for a foolproof cheat sheet to streamline your process and find a lucrative deal for your dream home.

Create a non-negotiables list

When you begin the home search process, you will have an incredible amount of information coming at you — new listings, offer deadlines, limited open houses, and other buyers vying for the same property can send your mind in a million different directions. But you can streamline the process by creating a non-negotiables list.
This list includes everything your family absolutely must find in a new home. You may need five bedrooms to accommodate your family or an additional dwelling unit for your in-laws. Perhaps your work commute is particularly important, or you need to live within walking distance of your child’s school. Write down everything you can think of to clarify what you must have in your new property. Next, write a second list — this one is for all the wish list items you would love to have but can still live without. This list might include things like a climate-controlled wine cellar, a specific floor plan, or a designer kitchen.
These lists can be immensely helpful to keep you on track and ensure you get the features your family needs to thrive in this new property. Keeping this information top-of-mind will also rein in the number of potential house options, which can significantly reduce stress.

Work with a reputable real estate agent

Whether you are buying or selling, and especially if you are doing both simultaneously, working with an experienced real estate agent will make the process infinitely easier. The benefits of working with an agent are well-documented, and finding the right agent is key.
Agents are master negotiators, and that can mean the difference between a mediocre deal and one that has you singing all the way to the bank. For example, if you are searching for Carlsbad homes for sale, your agent will be able to write up a comparative market analysis report to compare the list price of your potential new home with competing home prices and values to ensure you get the best deal possible. Agents provide unprecedented access to available properties through the multiple listing service, or MLS, and may even be able to open doors on unlisted properties. If you want to sell your Carlsbad home, your agent will be able to guide you through the selling process and advise you on everything from curb appeal to the importance of staging your property.
Strong agents want their clients to have as many resources as possible, and they will go out of their way to provide or even create them. You want to work with an agent who takes the time to compile resources like selling guides or concierge services. This level of commitment and dedication signals an agent who takes their job as a real estate mentor seriously — and you will benefit tremendously.

Organize your finances

Property acquisition is bought and sold on strong financial plans. No matter the purchase price of the property in question, it is essential to have an organized financial portfolio before making an offer or preparing a home for sale. Having clarity around your financial situation will alleviate stress when making an offer on a new home, as well as when planning any necessary renovations to a property before putting it on the market.
If you are buying a new home, speak with your agent about how you plan to finance the purchase. Cash offers still remain king in the real estate world and can send you to the top of the offer list if a seller receives multiple bids. If you feel more comfortable financing your new home with a mortgage, you will greatly benefit from getting a mortgage preapproval before touring homes. This not only helps you understand how much you can comfortably spend but may actually be required to view certain properties.
Whether you plan to pay in full or finance, make sure you get as much information ahead of time as possible. What are the property taxes in your potential new neighborhood? Are there additional costs associated with the purchase, like homeowners or maintenance fees? The more you know prior to purchase, the better prepared you can be, which will help manage stress levels and allow you to enjoy this exciting journey.

Schedule a home inspection

Home inspections provide peace of mind for both buyers and sellers. A home inspector examines properties for structural issues, roof damage, and any concerns buyers and sellers should be aware of before purchasing or listing.
Buyers are almost always encouraged to hire a home inspector. Real estate is a major purchase, and you want to know what lurks beyond the walls of that seemingly perfect property before handing over your money. Sellers can also benefit from scheduling a pre-inspection. A pre-inspection can offer clarity on any aspect of the home that may need repairs, like an almost expired water heater or outdated electrical wiring. Since buyers will likely schedule their own inspection, sellers can streamline the process by conducting a pre-inspection to get a headstart on repairs. Sellers can even offer copies of their pre-inspection report to potential buyers, which can foster feelings of trust in the buyer – another way of significantly lowering the stress levels of both sides and ensuring a smooth, easy real estate transaction.

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