7 Things to Look for When Buying a Beach House in San Clemente

7 Things to Look for When Buying a Beach House in San Clemente

  • Nelson Coburn
  • 04/18/23

Among the first open-land master-planned communities in the nation, San Clemente offers an ideal climate for both vacationers and permanent residents. This “Spanish village by the sea” is dotted with an idyllic mix of villas and condos, often featuring lush landscaping and terraced views. San Clemente beach homes often make solid investments, whether purchased as primary residences, second homes, or rental units. The key is to look before you leap, taking time to consider the factors that will influence the value of a property by the Pacific.

What are the “extra” bills?

Buyers searching for San Clemente beach homes typically arrive at the search with a specific price range in mind based on their personal budgets or an idea of potential earned income from a property. You can note, however, that beach homes also come with additional expenses to factor into the equation, including higher rates for homeowners, flood insurance, and elevated maintenance costs. However, these extra costs are worth it to those who want to be located in this prime location. Be sure to evaluate the price tag of a beach home realistically, as it will correspond to future expenditures throughout your duration of ownership.

Consider the effects of salt air corrosion

Although salt air is rejuvenating for the senses, unfortunately, the same can’t be said for an inanimate structure. Salt will permeate all exposed surfaces throughout time, affecting many of the elements in a home. Sodium chloride is harder on metal than rust, and ocean air will break down metals at ten times the inland rate.

When wood is exposed to salt, it’s subject to the process of delignification, wherein the lignans break down at an increased rate, causing the wood to shred and degrade. Porous concrete, stucco, and plaster also experience the effects of salt. If not properly painted, sealed, and maintained, a beach home will require significant repairs to make it safe and inhabitable. Getting a quality home inspection prior to purchase will help you determine the condition of any home you are considering.

Evaluate the security of the foundation

The foundation of a home might not be its most glamorous aspect, but it’s certainly a top consideration when purchasing a property. A home inspection in accordance with FEMA guidelines will help to ensure that the foundation of a home will hold up to the effects of water, wind, and erosion. Additionally, our California location requires attention to the seismological safety of a foundation. Again, a home inspection will address these concerns.

Determine the durability of the roof and deck

Specific products and installation methods are necessary for all exterior beach house structures, and shortcomings in these areas may preclude a home from being “move-in” ready. It might be necessary to replace one — or all — of these structures, depending on the level of disrepair. A sizable portion of homes in San Clemente were built in earlier decades, and if the previous owners haven’t replaced the roof or deck in quite some time, those replacements will become action items on your homeowner’s “to-do” list.

How much does an “ocean view” matter to you?

San Clemente beach homes make no secret about their coastal views. If a property comes with a view of the shore, any agent will proudly highlight the view in the listing. But it’s impossible to know the full extent of a view unless you see the property in person. Views from the deck or terrace might be more or less than you expect. If having a view is important to you, you have to assess whether or not you’ll be truly satisfied with a particular beach home.

Do you want minimal upkeep — or maximal space?

Some people enter the homebuying process with the certainty of purchasing a condo, with the goal of maintaining a carefree, low-maintenance lifestyle. But if you’re looking for some extra room to breathe, you might want to consider a single-family home. Of course, a condo might be ideal for a rental property, and you won’t have to consider the added costs and time sink of arranging for landscaping services. However, if you’re looking for a primary residence for a large family, it’s important to consider what your particular needs entail.

Research your proximity to amenities

If you’re tired of making a long trek for every errand or outing, you can consider a beach home that’s within close distance to shops, restaurants, and/or parks. San Clemente isn’t a major metropolis, so you won’t find the heavy commercialization of some other California cities. However, you’ll find numerous local options for shopping and entertainment.

The Outlets at San Clemente offer a variety of shops and eateries catering to your needs and preference, and plenty of beach homes are within a few minutes’ walk or drive to this outdoor mall. Albertson’s, Trader Joe’s, and Ralphs make for convenient food shopping options nearby, and you can also enjoy great meals from some well-regarded independent restaurants in the area.

If you’re interested in the arts, you can consider your distance to local cultural attractions. Casa Romantica Cultural Arts Center is a popular destination for performances, events, and workshops. The Gray Matter Museum of Art offers contemporary art with rotating festivals and exhibits, and it’s also an adaptable space in which to host large events within easy proximity of your beach home.

Work with Coburn & Associates to find your beach home

If you’re searching through the listings of San Clemente beach homes for sale, be sure to take the time to consider which home-buying factors are most important to you. When you’re ready to take the plunge, contact one of the experienced agents at Coburn & Associates to help find the property that will be the best for you. Everyone has their own preferences, needs, and specific circumstances, and one of these professional agents will be happy to guide you through your personalized search.

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